Isaac Robson

Cert IV Youth Work. Cert IV Social Work.

Isaac is currently completing a Diploma in Counselling with a major in Relationship Counselling at The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and is concurrently studying to be a Vedic Counsellor with the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Isaac has strong research interests in altered states of consciousness and psychedelic and plant medicines for treatment resistant trauma and other psychological conditions. Isaac has additional foundations in Vedanta, Tantra, Taoism, and polarity practices in relationships. Isaac is a private practitioner in the Northern Rivers and Brisbane.

Isaac’s background in youth and social work has included extensive support work with adolescents and adults suffering from trauma related psychological conditions. Isaac’s private practice is with adults and trauma focused and he has a particular interest in relationship counselling. Isaac is accepting of all relationship expressions (monogamous and non-monogamous) and seeks to support individuals to be self-responsible in their relationships. In addition, Isaac has a strong interest in working with people who identify as survivors of a cult.

Isaac supports people to self-enquire in a manner that opens perspectives for a person to see their own state and their state in relation to others. When a person can be responsible for the role they play in relating with others they are able to strengthen their awareness and support those they love to do the same. Isaac encourages people to learn how to regulate their own nervous system and to be an effective co-regulator when in relation to others. One of the primary ways to bringing about personal responsibility is by observing our actions and reactions, for when we become aware of our behaviour and truly accept it as a part ourselves two things happen; the same behaviour in others no longer pulls the same reactive trigger and the particular behaviour appears to be reflected back to us by others with less frequency in our life. By discovering how changing our own sense of self transforms the experiences reflected to us, we see a way to experience more joyful, passionate, and meaningful relationships.

Isaac’s strengths as a therapist are; a high level of empathic presence, a natural deep curiosity and non-judgement for anything that emerges, a highly developed masculine and feminine awareness, and a natural ability for self-enquiry and self-responsibility. Isaac is welcoming of individuals who identify as non-binary or other than the traditional two genders.

Isaac works as a solo practitioner and with Natalie Slect as a co-therapist for couples therapy. Isaac is available each Thursday afternoon. Please call Bulimba Psychology on 3899 1455, email or fill in the form below for further information.

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