Jack Andreadis

MSocWk, BAppSc(Prop&Val)(Hons)

Jack is a qualified social worker with a passion for working with people and issues they might be experiencing around their mental health, trauma and substance use. Jack’s approach is to connect to people with kindness, and a genuine curiosity toward them and their unique stories.

Jack’s approach is to connect to people with kindness, and a genuine curiosity about their unique stories. Jack works to create an accessible space, drawing on his own life experiences and challenges, acknowledging we’re all human – and it’s ok to not be ok.

Jack can provide counselling for people who are seeking help with mental health challenges, problems with alcohol or other drug use, working through trauma, or simply needing some help navigating life’s inevitable difficulties.

With the intention of a holistic approach, Jack invites his clients to consider the biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors that may impact on the bigger picture of their life and wellbeing. Using elements of mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and somatic approaches, Jack likes to assist clients to find fresh perspective, toward living a more satisfying and meaningful life.

Jack currently leads the Brisbane chapter of the Australian Psychedelic Society, and has helped provide compassionate care and psychedelic harm reduction in the ConsciousNest support space at music festivals. Jack enjoys supporting people who utilise non-ordinary states of consciousness as part of their healing process. This can include help preparing for future journeys, and creating a space to unpack and integrate past experiences from these states, to create lasting change

What can I expect if I book an appointment?

In your first session, Jack will spend some time getting to know you, and having a chat about what it is you came to talk about. From here we can work together with the intention of finding a plan for therapy that feels right for both of us. This starts with a conversation and could lead to:

Grounding exercises to find safety in the room and in the body.
Mindfulness practices to ease the struggle with a busy mind.
Somatic exercises to connect to feelings and work with any difficult emotions or memories.
Building skills to help find confidence, foster healthy relationships and cope with difficult feelings.

Jack is available for bookings at Bulimba Psychology every Friday. To make a booking with Jack, please use the contact form below or call our Practice Manager between 10am and 2pm from Monday to Thursday. 

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