Jack Andreadis

MSocWk, BAppSc(Prop&Val)(Hons)

Jack is a qualified social worker with a passion for working with people and issues they might be experiencing around their mental health, trauma and substance use. Jack’s approach is to connect to people with kindness, and a genuine curiosity toward them and their unique stories.

Jack works with people’s concerns around their alcohol and other drug use from a non-judgemental position, meeting people where they’re at; regardless of whether their goal is abstinence or not. Jack has a keen interest in the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness, including those induced through meditation, dance, breathwork techniques or psychedelic medicines.

Jack currently leads the Brisbane chapter of the Australian Psychedelic Society, and has helped provide compassionate care and psychedelic harm reduction in the ConsciousNest support space at music festivals. Jack enjoys supporting people to integrate their past experiences from these states, to create meaningful life changes. Jack believes this work is important for its capacity to transform difficult or confusing psychedelic experiences into opportunities for healing and growth.

Jack takes a holistic approach to assist people in healing and thriving, not only as individuals and as family, group and community members. This involves assisting people to consider how biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors impact on the bigger picture of their life and wellbeing. Jack believes that by clarifying what’s really important to them, people can find deeper fulfilment.

Please contact Bulimba Psychology for an appointment on 3899 1455 or email info@bulimbapsychology.com.au