Clinical Psychologist
MPsych (Clin), B Soc Sc (Hons, Psych), BSc (Psych)

Neuropsychotherapist (MIACN)
Certified Gottman Relationship Therapist & Certified Discernment Therapist

Natalie is a fully registered Clinical Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency and endorsed as a provider of clinical psychology services under Medicare.


Natalie works with adults and couples and her professional interest is primarily in all aspects of relationships. Some of the ways in which Natalie supports people in relationships are to:

  • Help couples to reconnect by transparent, honest, and responsible communication. To repair old and unhelpful cycles of conflict and regrettable incidents. To process resentment (if possible) and re-create a healthy relationship based on authentic needs and new understandings of self and other(s).
  • Navigate the stay or go dilemma. This is called Discernment Therapy which is an attempt to gain clarity and confidence about a direction for the relationship based on a deeper understanding of what has happened to the relationship and each partners personal responsibility for the outcomes. Without establishing a mutually consented agreement to try and find a way back together in your relationship, you cannot start couples therapy where you would be actively working on your relationship.
  • Sometimes it is time to part ways and learn how to constructively separate and heal from separation.
  • Support couples to better understand, recover, and transform from infidelity.
  • Understand your erotic mind and how this plays out in relationship dynamics.

Natalie is a polyamory-friendly psychologist who can assist people who want to understand and navigate the challenges of ethical polyamory and other non-monogamous styles of relationships.

Natalie welcomes everybody who is wanting to create conscious and intentional relationships with themselves and the people they love. No matter what your relationship style is and who you are as a human being, you will be received with openness, non-judgment and acceptance.

Natalie has research interests in altered states of consciousness and how such modalities can improve mental health. Natalie also has knowledge and interest in altered states of consciousness and supports people in the integration phase of past psychedelic experiences. Natalie has personal and professional interests in the study of non-duality and psychology, shadow work, and she is currently studying plant medicine with Maestro Hamilton Souther from Blue Morpho Academy based in Peru. Natalie is also a Therapist on the Swinburne University Psilocybin Trial for treatment resistant depression.

Natalie is available Monday to Thursday. Please contact Bulimba Psychology for an appointment on 3899 1455 or use the form below.

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